Kristina + Tyler Engagement: Powell Butte Nature Park


They met in 2010, or should I say, their love story began in 2010. On their first day of class at The University of Portland. What was only a catch of an eye and a sweet smile, would blossom into the kind of love you dream of in romcoms. Except their love is based off no movie, but real genuine connection. 


Friendship was natural to them, but the winter would bring along a little romance. In their six year bond, they've gone from college students, to graduates, to individuals with passions for their careers. What was always consistent between the two of them, was support.


After adopting their sweet golden retriever, naturally named Lucky, the new family of three road tripped through Oregon's coastline down to California. Along their trip, Tyler had a secret, that wasn't really a secret at all. His love for their friendship, trust, laughter, and spontaneity promoted a question. "Will you marry me?". Kristina recalls this trip rocked her world in more than one way, but mostly with diamonds. 


Kristina and Tyler met us at the gorgeous Powell Butte, a nature park in SE Portland, on one of the only sunny afternoons of the early spring. They describe their relationship as one full of laughter, trust, and friendship. It's something all couples hope for their long lasting relationships. But these two don't have to ever hope, because they are lucky enough to have. Through our session together, they held hands, danced, and whispered silly nonsense in each others ears. If this is only a glimpse into their future together, there is no doubt that they've found something special. 


Only 129 days until they shout "I Do!"