Keeping Your Guests Entertained is as Easy as 1, 2, 3


What do you have planned to keep your guests entertained while you are taking photos with your photographer? This is one of the main concerns I am hearing from brides during consultations, and it's an absolutely valid fear. Planning a wedding is more than what the cake is going to taste like, what flowers are at the alter, and what your main colors are going to be. Remember that by creating a wedding event, you are essentially throwing a party with your greatest friends and family and celebrating this new milestone as a couple. Guests are an important factor, and without them, you would have no one to dance to Beyonce with you! 

So, the key to keeping guests happy, is to keep them entertained and fed. This will keep them chatty and occupied for the half hour to hour you're away. I promise, if you follow these tips, they probably won't even notice you're gone! How's that for piece of mind? So here are my tips for entertaining guests during cocktail hour: 

1 - Apps & Alcohol 

Food and Drink are easy ways for people to bond and get talking. A cheese table is always an simple and popular option, and you're bound to see your guests mingling and talking about how beautiful the ceremony was over a plate of brie. Whether you have platters circulating, or a table for your friends and family to gather around, your guests will strike up conversations with acquaintances the old fashioned way: over good food. There's comfort in food and drink, so set the ambiance to be like a large scale dinner party and your guests will be too busy to know you stepped out.

2 - Lawn Games, Music, and Wandering Space

If you will be having little ones at your ceremony, these are perfect options to keeping the parents and kids busy and moving while you're with your family. Popular lawn games can include cornhole, jenga, and ring toss. If you're struggling to choose between a band and a DJ, consider hiring a band to have acoustic live music for people to chat over wine with. However, Wandering Space is the most important part of this category. If you're getting married outside, consider picking a venue that has extra room for the little ones to run around, or the couples to take a quick romantic walk around the space. This will also lend you opportunities to take a breather during the reception with your new spouse!

3 - Interactive Stations

Lastly, consider ways to interact with your guests when you're gone. You could have a polaroid guest book, photo booths with props, or a slideshow of your relationship together. If some of your guests aren't feeling chatty, these options will help them ease into the evening while still having fun and staying entertained. There are dozens of ways you can add interactive stations to your wedding without making it cheesy or overdone, so ask your planner what advice she can offer based off your tastes and preferences

There you have it! Three ways you can keep your guests entertained while you're off taking photos with your family or your sweetie. Like I said, your guests probably won't even notice you stepped away because they'll be so invested in this party you're hosting. As long as your timeline is strategic, you will be able to balance photos and fun with ease! Check with your photographer and planner to see how you can tie in entertainement furing your formal phoeos!