Karli + Randy: Portland Courthouse Elopement

It's not too often I spend my Friday's shooting elopements, but I'm hoping this becomes a routine soon! Karli and Randy said 'I Do' surrounded by those most important to them. The guest list was small, the ceremony was fast, and we ended the day with polaroids and laughter. 

Something that I've learned quickly as a wedding photographer, is things don't always go as planned. But they didn't care. Not even when we had to jog to the courthouse so we wouldn't be late. They just laughed, and smiled, and held each other tight.

It was five minutes before we were supposed to be at the courthouse, and we were running behind. Karli picked up her dress, and Randy quickly led her through downtown sidewalk traffic. Their families trailed behind us, trying not to keep up the pace. We arrive minutes before the cutoff and squeezed ourselves into the small elevator, laughing at our perfect timing. 

As we waited for the courthouse room to open up, Karli and Randy looked at each other, smiling and eager to say I do. They took the time to connect with family and friends who meant the most to them. The ceremony itself was quick, only a few minutes; but still everything they could want.

Newly married and on top of the world, they led us to the Tom McCall Waterfront. Under the gray Portland sunset, they hugged and kissed and made each other laugh. Surrounded by friends, they exchanged matching rings, and shuffled through polaroids from the day. Everyone was beaming, feeling giddy for the couple. Not every wedding is meant to be long, but every wedding is meant to be individually perfect. And Karli and Randy achieved just that.