Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

Blog by Samantha Struck

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Booking your venue is one of the most important parts of wedding planning, but I don't have to tell you! Luxury venues with high demand book two to three years out. In order to help you stay organized, I asked Samantha Struck of StruckSured Events to help create a list of the most important questions to ask a venue before booking. You might be surprised by some of the things you should consider before booking!                  -  Katie

Aside from selecting one of the most important dates of your life, the next important decision you will make as an engaged couple is where you will be married. It can be daunting to wade the waters of venue selection and know which venues offer the most bang for your buck. As a planner who has worked in the high-end wedding market for the past several years, I have had many couples not know which questions to ask and end up securing a venue that perhaps wasn’t the best given their wish list. If I am fortunate enough to come alongside a couple prior to them securing a venue. We get together go over some of the details that often go overlooked when considering their perfect day. The last thing you want to do is end up putting a deposit on a place that has a hard cut off time of 8pm, when you are wanting to dance the night away! To help you on your journey I have put together a list of very practical and helpful questions to consider while doing your venue visits.

  1. What amenities does your venue include? (For example, plates, tables, chairs, linens, tableware, etc.)
  2. Are these amenities included in the cost? If not, what are the upcharges.
  3. What is your policy on insurance requirements for my event? Many venues (and coordinators) require you to purchase event insurance separate than the venue.
  4. Do you have a noise ordinance or policy that requires my music to be kept below a certain decibel? Some people love to blare the music and certain venues require you keep it on the lighter side. If they list a decibel, really try to figure out just how loud it is by asking your band/DJ their thoughts.
  5. What are your set-up/clean-up rules? Check-out policy?
  6. Can I leave my car parked at the venue overnight? Let’s say you have party goers that end up drinking too much, some venue will have cars towed if they are left past the checkout time (because they have weddings the next day with early check-ins).
  7. Do my caterers have to haul their own garbage? Yes…. There are places that require this.
  8. What is your policy on the use of marijuana? We all know it is legal but it may not be allowed on site.
  9. Does your venue provide a Venue Coordinator? If so, what is their role?
  10. Does your venue require a Coordinator? Many do.
  11. Can I get ready on site prior to my ceremony? If not, are you allowed to come early to take photos?
  12. If the venue provides table and chairs but they are not your style…. What is their policy on bringing in rentals and do they charge for removing their own items?

As a general rule of thumb it is always good to read the fine print (you know….. the typical cancellation policy, contract terms, refundable deposit, etc.) and if you have any questions, ask before an exchange of money! Once you take the very big step of securing your venue, take a step back from the planning to relax and relish the journey.