How to prep for a photoshoot


Alright let’s get into the nitty gritty. The real details you’re looking for: how to prepare for your photoshoot. Preparing for the shoot goes beyond just getting the right outfit and schedule your dates. For some of us, we want to look and feel great leading up to the shoot. We want to present our best selves on camera, right? I’ve created a list of resources below that are not only my personal favorite ways to get pampered, but also things that were suggested to me by my clients or friends who are always on camera.

If you have your own personal list of resources, don’t hesitate to comment them below or send them my way personally! And if you’re looking specifically for outfit advice, check out this blog or this Pinterest page instead. Ready to get glammed up?

The Body.

Babes, especially because it’s winter, you need to remember to moisturize! Not only will this make your skin glow, but you also won’t be uncomfortable and itchy. You honestly can never go wrong with Glossier, but if you’re looking for a gradual tan along with your moisturizer, I freakin’ love the [brand], which was recommended to me by my lovely friend Steph, who is an amazing tanning esthetician. Actually, side note: if you want a legit tan in Portland, you need to see Steph. She’s life changing.

[Glossier Body Hero] < Get 10% Off >

[Luna Bronze Tanning Moisturizer]

The Teeth.

This is a bit of a vanity prep step, but if it makes you feel good (great), then do it! I love this kit specifically because it’s great for sensitive teeth and it’s a kit so it makes you feel fancy. Gone are the days of uncomfortable strips. I’ve personally used this to prep for shoots and my show. You get an AM and PM toothpaste as well as an LED whitening kit to really get the glow on. This kit really takes away all the guess work and gives you nice pearly whites. They also do a great job of cleaning your teeth, which shouldn’t be surprising. A lot of whitening brands only brighten your stains. The Luster brand actually cleans, protects, whitens, and strengthens your smile so you actually have longer lasting results. What’s there not to love? No photoshop required for this shoot!

[Luster Premium White] <use link for $5 off>

The Organs.

We can’t talk about prepping for a photoshoot without talking about water! Girls. Drink water. Please. You’ll feel and look better!

The Hair.

Totally not-sponsored, but I need to brag about my salon in Portland. These ladies are phenomenal. My best kept secret. If you need to get your hair did, please go see the ladies at Teal Flamingo. They are not only incredibly loving and kind, but they know hair!

[Teal Flamingo Salon]

The Pages.

I recently discovered the Into The Gloss Facebook page. I already loved the Into The Gloss blog, but their group page is my new go-to for new products, advice, and general tips for makeup/skincare.

Additionally, the Skincare Addition reddit is a goldmine if you have some skincare problems you’d like to work on leading up to the photoshoot!

[Into The Gloss: The Group]

[Skincare Addition]

The Skin.

Not everyone was born with perfect, poreless, flawless skin. Actually, I literally don’t know a human who does. Skincare is a very important thing to me, and this was drilled in by my friend and esthetician Kelli Thomsen. She’s based in Portland, and if you want to get as close as you can to flawless skin, and use organic/green products, she is your gal. Seriously, every visit to her studio my skin walks away feeling incredible. I send all of my clients to her for a reason. Go see Kelli. Change your life. Your skin will thank you.

[Kelli Thomsen Beauty]

I hope this resource gives you the answers you need! Although these resources are about your physical appearance, remember that confidence in yourself and your photographer are by far the most important thing you need to have to prep for your shoot. You can look gorgeous, but not feeling comfortable will negate all that hard work. Just be you. Seriously.