How To Plan A Successful Styled Shoot


When you log into Instagram, you are instantly flooded with inspirational images and motivational quotes. Whether or not you’re following other photographers, you’re likely scrolling past dozens of styled shoots by dozens of different accounts every few swipes. No matter how common they are, we really aren’t seeing a decline in popularity. The truth is, styled shoots are happening more and more often by the day. 

So what do we as a photography community do? Do we participate in this trend or do we let it die and do the actual work at real weddings? Odds are, you’re reading this because you’re stuck right there in the middle. You want to create gorgeous and meaningful styled shoots, but they’re hard to plan, time consuming, and expensive.

At the start of my business, these inspiration shoots were the only work I could show. One day, after reviewing a submission for a styled shoot I just finished, I suddenly felt a knot in my gut. The images I was shooting were not images I would ever take at a wedding. They were not even images my ideal clients would resonate with. They were themed set ups with very little intention put behind them. Sure, they were inspiring in the moment and provided me with practice behind the camera, but other than that, they lacked support. 

It was in reviewing these images that I realized my approach to styled shoots was all wrong. It’s not about filing a portfolio. It’s not about themed weddings and nice portraits. It’s about telling a story in a way that your ideal clients would want to picture themselves in the shoes of your models. It’s about expressing your full creative potential to show off what you really love to do.

So, are you ready to jump in and create a worthwhile styled shoot? In collaboration with Samantha Struck, I created a full guide with step by step instructions on how to move your styled shoots to the next level? If you're ready to be intentional, this is your chance. Fill out the form below and receive the free guide in your inbox so you can start planning today.