How To Plan A Photographed Proposal


As we approach 'engagement season', I find it appropriate to dedicate this blog post to those gifting a ring to their loved ones. Let's be honest, proposing is stressful. Fun too, of course! But if you're ready to pop the question, your mind is probably racing with ideas and possibilities.

So where do you start? Let's start with the obvious. 1. You want to spend the rest of your life with your person and you want to show them a sign of your commitment. 2. You have a ring or other symbol of love for your significant other to show off to their friends.

Got those steps out of the way? Good! So if you're here, you're likely thinking about having your proposal photographed. Proposals are some of the most rewarding sessions to photograph. The nerves, the surprise, the happy ending! Trust me, most photographers offered to be your photographer for this moment would jump for joy! 

So there are two ways you can arrange this while still keeping the surprise. You can either strategically stage the proposal and have your photographer hide behind a bush or tree until the moment is over, or you can tell your partner you want professional photos for your holiday cards. Personally, I prefer the latter option as I can get a chance to know the couple better, thus telling a more honest proposal story through my images. Either way, decide what's best for your relationship, and go from there!

Next, you need a location. If you don't have one in mind, ask your photographer. Is there a gorgeous park that is empty on weekdays? Is there a hiking spot that's particularly special to you both? There's no right or wrong answer here. Go with your gut!

So let's review: 1. You want to propose (✓) 2. You have the ring or token of love (✓) 3. You've asked a photographer to be a part of this moment (✓) 4. You've found the perfect location to pop the question (✓). So what's next?

If you're playing this off as just a holiday photo session, schedule a coffee date for the three of you so your photographer gets a better idea of who you are as a couple. This will also allow for your photographer to play up the idea of a holiday photo session, so they don't suspect a proposal is on its way. 

A few days before the actual proposal happens, make sure to discuss the exact spot the photos will take place, the photographer's "cue" word, and any backup plans in case it rains or there are too many people around. Communication is always important, but for a session like this, it's crucial! 

So, how do you feel? Ready to start your next big life journey?!