How to Plan 30 days of content in 30 minutes


With my big temporary move coming up, I have been hard at work trying to wrap up all the ends I can for the rest of November through to December. That way, I can spend my time in Los Angeles focusing on expanding my business and working more with my clients, and less on the busy work in between. Which is the category Instagram and Facebook can sometimes fall under.

There are so many hours in the day, and trust me, from experience I know how easy it is to spend DAYS working on what to write or post for even a few days of the week. Because I've been traveling often, it’s in my best interest to plan and automate as many items in my business as I can. Over the past few years, I’ve been using a specific content creating method that would help create a content calendar within 30 minutes. I usually would arrange to work on creating this calendar around the 20th of every month, that way if I had any pressing posts or content to make before the 1st, I gave myself enough time. I would recommend first setting aside a consistent day of they month you want to plan your content, that way it can’t sneak up on you!

The first thing I do when creating my monthly calendar is list out all the blog posts for the month I will be writing. I try and write three posts a week, so three out of seven days, I have content that’s ready to be shared on all platforms!


The next thing I do is list my videos. I do one video once a week, and it’s always the day before my last blog of the week, which is a Thursday for me. The video is typically the same, or similar, to the Friday blog. That way I don’t have to create additional content, instead I get to show off the value of the information I’ve created across multiple websites.

Finally, I will list what days my email list will go out, which is on Sundays. My email lists will vary in content, so I try to not put as much pressure on these. My main goal is sharing highlights of valuable content and updates. Sometimes I will email and summarize one specific blog post, sometimes I will share exclusive images, and often times I will just share personal updates.

After I have my blogs, videos, and emails written down on my content calendar, I then go through and fill in any Holidays or big events I want to talk about during that month. By the time I’m finished with all of those posts, I only now need to fill in the gaps. What I do with this on Facebook and Instagram is share a specific kind of post one day a week. Create whatever categories that work for you, but I generally share along these lines: inspiration, about me, perks of my services, showcase my services, behind the scenes, the why of what I do, and personal posts. If I have a gap, I will fill in the blanks with a post that falls in line with one of these on its specific day.


Lastly, there are a few other resources I bring in that help me hit my 30 minute mark when it comes to content planning. The first, is that I always bring around pocket sized notebooks with me to write down blog ideas as they come. Sometimes I will come up with a post after a client meeting or when I go shopping. It helps make the blog planning process go by quickly! Second, I use a program called Later to visually schedule out my Instagram posts. If I’m not sure what I want to post about on a certain day, I will find an image that fits in with my grid and create sometime accordingly!

As long as you are consistent, it’s so easy to create a list of posts to create through out the month! If you’re like me and you want to get working on it pronto, I typically schedule to write two blogs every other day, and record four videos a week based on my schedule. It’s so much easier, and the more you create on a block schedule, the more you accomplish in a shorter amount of time!

I hope this post helps and you can create your whole November and December content in no time! I know I did.