How To Have A Modern Day Timeless Wedding


What It Means To Be Timeless

Being timeless does not always mean “vintage” or “old-fashioned”, but rather a style that is adored over generations. Not a trend marked by a decade, but a refined look that is loved and revisited decades over. It is delicate, minimal, and romantic. When mixed with modern elements, classic details are what separate your wedding from the rest. It’s simple enough to enjoy without being overwhelmed, but detailed enough to show romance and your unique personality.

Over the next three weeks I am going to be sharing my best tips on how you can take modern elements to create a timeless wedding! Starting today with Attire. If you're looking for more, you can download my 14-page guide on the form box below!


Tip One: Dress & Attire 

When choosing your gown and wedding party attire for your wedding, remember that simple is best! You will have a bouquet, makeup artist, and plenty of decor to elevate the mood. Simple does not equal boring! Trumpet, mermaid, and sheath are classic cuts that allow you to stand out more naturally versus the once trendy ballgown dress. And you can’t go wrong with a classic tux or simple gray fitted suit. 

When it comes to choosing the colors for your bridesmaids dresses, opt for jewel tones or pastels. Color can be a complex component to your wedding day. You must keep in mind the style of your venue, the reception space, and what you want to include in your bouquet. Overall, style your wedding with neutrals or tones on tones. Soft lilac, grey-blues, and blush will add color to your wedding without taking away from your classic and romantic event. If deeper colors are your jam, don’t stray from jewel tones such as ruby and emerald.