How Do I Edit My Photos?

Before I was shooting film, I didn't have a solid editing routine. I was constantly adjusting the look or style to fit in with whatever trends I saw each day. I had thought because I was in Oregon, I should shoot dark & moody, even if I didn't connect with the trend myself. I had believed for almost a full year that this trend alone would get me more work. 

In November of 2015, I found presets on Facebook called Mastin Labs. Their claim was that I could shoot digital work and make them look like film. I was basically sold in seconds. This was the look I wanted! This was the look I wanted my clients to connect with. I worked hard on perfecting this look for a few months but still found myself struggling. What was the missing piece? The answer became clear when I started seeing photographers share their real film work. Of course! I wasn't shooting film. How could I expect my work to look like film if I didn't know what characteristics to look for in film images?

By Spring of 2016, I had added film and digital to my workflow and found a style that resonated with me and my clients. Because I can never predict the scenarios of the shoot or wedding I'm going to, the ratio of film to digital is constantly changing. However, no matter how much film I shoot, I still have to edit my digitals to look consistent with the film. So the question then is how? 

Well, it's much easier to show you than explain. Today on Facebook Live at 6pm PST, I will share the actual process I use to match my film and digital images. A few weeks ago, I shared the big reasons why I choose to shoot film, and now I want to show you how I combine it with digital.  If you can't make the live post, Click the button below to catch the rerun!