Dear Brides, Yes, You Can Have a Perfect Wedding


Is it possible to have a perfect wedding?

No matter what you might be thinking now, you can have the perfect wedding. The key, though, is teamwork. I am so lucky to be involved in a community filled with so many talented and hard working creative women, all joining together on a mission to give you a memorable and beautiful day. When you're looking at the timeline, at the guest list, and all the things you still have to do, it's easy to assume things might not pull together like you had hoped. However, by hiring the right team of professionals, and by lending your trust that we can make your vision come true, the idea of a dream wedding will become a reality. 

I talked to two of my favorite women in the wedding industry about what unique skills they bring with them on the wedding day, as well as what advice they can offer to brides that might be in the thick of wedding planning. Kim Dodrill brought the perspective of a floral designer, while Kc Pruneda brought the perspective of a wedding planner.

Bouquet by  Flourish by Kay

Bouquet by Flourish by Kay

1 - Kim Dodrill, Swoon Floral Design

As a floral design + event designer, and industry professional in general, my first piece of advice is to hire vendors whose brand and style align with the vision you have for your wedding day. Floral can be an overwhelming piece of wedding planning for couples for two common reasons: First, most couples know very little about flowers such as, what is even in season when we are getting married, how much do flowers cost, what areas of my wedding do I need floral? Secondly, for the most part, couples won’t see their floral vision come to life until the day of the wedding. To conquer your floral anxiety, here are a few of my top tips:

Number one, hire a florist whose over all style and aesthetic resonate with you and the vision for your wedding day. Secondly, be open to your florist’s expertise and suggestions; especially if you are on a tight budget. More often than not, florists are presented with grand ideas (thanks Pinterest) only to find out that the client’s budget will cover ¼ of those ideas. Be open and trust your florist’s ideas and suggestions for flowers that will work within your budget. Lastly, be willing to spend the extra money to have your florist deliver and setup your event. There is so much more to delivery and setup than showing up at the venue and plopping a centerpiece on the table. I always bring at least 2 assistants with me to every wedding. We set each table to perfection, placing every centerpiece facing the same way so that your guests will see a cohesive presentation upon entering the reception.

Calligraphy by  Jenny Sanders , Styling by  Tristan Needham Design

Calligraphy by Jenny Sanders, Styling by Tristan Needham Design

2 - Kc Pruneda, VIP Event Planning

As a wedding planner the best part of my job is taking the stress off of you! Having a wedding planner apart of your team of vendors is always a wonderful idea. I can take on the hard tasks and leave all the enjoying and relaxing to you. If you have the planning part of it down, I always suggest hiring at least a day-of coordinator. Your wedding day is incredibly special and unforgettable but there is a lot to be done in a short amount of time. A day-of coordinator helps relieve that stress that typically falls on you, the moms or the bridal party. I would be running around making sure everything is in place and according to schedule while you are enjoying getting ready and taking pictures with you family and friends.

My best piece of advice is to stop and take a moment to remember what all the planning is about. A lot of brides end up feeling drained by the time the wedding day comes along because they have put 12 months into planning it. So every now and then just take a second, spend time with your life partner and remember that it truly about the love between the two of you.


3 - Katie, Katie Dessin Photography

Yup, I had to jump in here too. I love being the photographer at a wedding because I am the only vendor that directly interacts with the couple, the guests, and the wedding staff for the entire wedding day. I am able to tell a full story through my photos by getting to know my clients and their closest friends and family. I always love to have a few meetings with them before the wedding and before the engagement shoot so I get to know them more personally. It's so much easier to translate a couple's love after spending time with them! A wedding is more beautiful when it's more personal.

My number one piece of advice for brides working on their dream wedding is to remember to review the investment budget for all their vendors. Hiring a photographer because of their budget friendly cost will result in less quality physical memories to hang on to in the future. Just like we look through our parents and grandparents photos, your children or nieces and nephews will want to as well. If you are going to throw a perfect wedding celebration, remember that you can make the perfect wedding live on for decades more with a higher quality service.


In order to make your wedding fun, fresh, and memorable, I think we all agreed that your wedding, most importantly, needs personal elements. Take after the professionals, and seek guidance of your own from friends and family. Ask them to help you plan the seating chart, or stamp envelopes. Once you get passed the necessary boring tasks, you will be able to focus on creating the perfect celebration.