With Thanks



Everyone has their own set of traditions and things they like to do, but I for one, describe my perfect holiday like this: I wake up early like I would normally do. The sun is shining through my window and there’s a slight chill in the air. I stretch myself out of bed to make a pot of coffee while I wait for everyone else to wake up. Before the cooking begins, we start off with an easy breakfast. The rest of the cooking will begin shortly. There’s a smell of cinnamon and coffee wafting through the house. On the TV is the Thanksgiving Day Parade. There’s no rush to accomplish anything. Just peace before the oven switches on.

This is the first Thanksgiving to my knowledge where I won’t be spending it with a house full of family members. It’s the first where I will be spending it away from Jem or our parents. Although the afternoon might easily be overshadowed by the preparation for our show, today is my declared day of rest. There’s no reason to rush dishes out onto the tables, to make a last minute trip to Ralphs, or to fight over who gets the last piece of pie. Simple. That is today.

I hope you can make the same efforts the rest of the Holiday season. Make it simple. Breathe, love, and eat good food. That is your mission. And that is mine.

Have a fantastic Holiday!