Hailey + Kyle : Warm Fall Anniversary Session

What’s it gonna take to shoot more anniversary sessions like this?? Seriously, more couples need to consider this as a gift to themselves for their first anniversary. In the case of Hailey and Kyle, it was. They were married last September at McMenamins Edgefield, and due to a lot of movement in their personal lives, they had to pass up on their engagement photos.

Now, some people might wonder what really is different from an anniversary session than a typical engagement session, and I have to say a lot!

But before I get into detail, we need to admire these two in the warm fall light. A day like this in Portland starts to become less common after September 1st, so we absolutely lucked out.


The reason these kinds of sessions are so great, is because the difference in someone’s personality or even confidence after the wedding is really noticeable. Think about it, you aren’t thinking about planning a wedding anymore. You get to call each other “husband and wife” all the time. And you’ve already had time working with your photographer on the wedding day. So you KNOW how cute you are!


I really enjoyed getting to spend time with that kind of couple last month. Relaxed, easy going, totally and completely in love! At this state, gorgeous photos are so effortless.


The only thing that can tie a perfect session like this together, is an amazing place to shoot. Powell Butte remains to be one of my all time favorite locations. All year round, it’s so beautiful! And come on, that light is unbelievable.


Yes please, more of this please. I mean are they not the cutest??? Stay tuned for more of these hopefully to come ;)