Greetings from LA!

It’s been almost two weeks since I landed in LA, and I still have many more days on my calendar. I wanted to check in here with you to tell you how it’s all going! I’ve not been the best at keeping you in the loop, but I’ll just blame that on my busy schedule ;) With the Holidays season upon us, I figured it’s probably the best time to get us back on the same page. I could write days and days of information on wedding planning, photography skills you need to know, and the best locations to go out on date, but my favorite things to write and tell are just about my daily life.


In less than two weeks, I will be doing the scariest thing of my life. I’m slightly convinced this will be scarier than skydiving. I heard a friend explain that she’s doing a trust fall with the universe, and I couldn’t relate to that more. At least with skydiving you have an instructor telling you how to be safe and enjoy the journey!

On December 6th, I will be putting up an original comedy play here in Hollywood, California. It’s titled “Is It Too Ambitious?” because what other title for an original play would be appropriate for me to write? And I’ll be honest with you, our guest list is ambitious as you would only make in your dreams. More to come on that hopefully in the future.

I don’t really want to dedicate this post to the show, because I know I’ll have way more to say at the end of it all. Instead I just want to tell you that despite my grand adventures and being away from Portland, I am thinking about you. Although I am taking giant crazy leaps in my acting career, doesn’t mean I don’t put my heart and soul into my business in photography. Acting and Photography are more limbs on my body than metaphorical children. I don’t have a favorite, because I will always need both.


My daily live over these past few weeks have mostly been me trying to figure out what I want this place to be for me. And also getting over the judgement of the things that I like to do that maybe isn’t that common. Like walking everywhere ;) Finding my flow and my purpose in a new city on its own is a challenge. Let alone trying to run a business and put up a show at the same time!

I know that this is all a process. Life and work and relationships. I keep having to stop myself from getting frustrated at the speed it’s going. It’s probably the Capricorn inside me to be honest! Either way, I have more time here than I think. Every day is going to offer a new set of challenges, and whether or not I’m ready for them, they will come. All I can say is at least I’ll have endless sunshine in it all. It’s hard not to be optimistic when the sun can still wake you up in the Winter! I’m thinking about you, friend. Sending you all the love from LA.

XOXO, Katie