Location Love: Cannon Beach


Portland is such an amazing city because of its close proximity to so many incredible places. From the coast, to the dessert, and everywhere in between, there is always somewhere new to explore! One of my favorite places to bring couples for portrait sessions is, of course, the coast. I spend a lot of time around Cannon Beach and Ecola State Park, not only for photos, but for myself because of the relaxing feeling of being near water. 

The coast is always a little bit cooler than the city, so it's a lot of fun to head west in the summer to avoid the heat during photoshoots. Asides from Cannon Beach, I'm often found at Indian Beach, which is inside Ecola State Park. This spot is typically for surfers and wanderers, but because of its privacy, I often encourage my clients to hold their session there if they are shy. It's a smaller stretch of beach, so it's easy to walk from one side to the other and get creative with the interesting rock and landscape. 

If you're ever looking for a great place to take photos, whether it be for headshots, families, or weddings, you can't go wrong at either of these beaches.