Essential Daily Life-Changing Resources


Okay, let’s talk about productivity. If you’re anything like me, the mention of organization and science of habits, your eyes widened and you mouthed “yes please!” (Either that was spot on or dramatized, you let me know). Whether or not we can related, I’m here to talk about my favorite productivity resources for an easy flowing work day.

These are not exclusive to those who work at home and can be used to shape up your personal life as well as business! These are my THREE essentials this Winter. And I don’t use “essential” lightly. Let’s talk about the easiest to jump start / the newest on my phone: Fabulous.

Not only is the name amazing and the aesthetic fun and intriguing, but the app is really freakin cool. Basically the intention for the app is to start you on healthy habits to slowly rid of bad ones. It has an easy to follow process, and might be the first app I dropped more than $20 on a subscription for because it’s got me hooked. Blame it on the visuals and motivating notes, but either way it works.

For the first few weeks you’ll be adding small habits to keep tabs on every morning to better your health, thus giving you more energy. Literally the first task you’re assigned is to drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up every morning for three days. Easy, right? After those three days are up, Fabulous asks you to add another small habit to continue your pattern of healthy decision. And again after those three days.

It’s manageable and backed by science! I read The Power of Habit last year and loved it, so this kind of app is right up my alley! You can even add afternoon and night routines if you need more balance through out your day.

I am a list maker through and through! Typically I stick to pen and paper, but I had been wanting to move the process to an app for on the go easy. Until now, I couldn’t really find anything I liked! Todoist has a simple user interface, click and drag options, labels, and color coordination. What more can you want! I check and use this multiple times a day, and it syncs to my phone. After searching for a photo to use for this post, I found myself stuck on their blog reading all the cool features they have on the free app that I don’t use yet. Let’s just say I’m going to get lost on that platform after I finish typing this blog. Long story short, you need Todoist. I even put my grocery list there!

I mentioned Rachel Hollis in a previous blog, but she’s sort of my idol so I’m going to mention her here again. If you don’t know Rachel Hollis, you need her in your life. No matter what you do for a living, if you love listening to strong, hilarious, honest working women, seek out Rachel Hollis.

Every October her and her husband launch this free challenge called Last 90 Days, which creates intentionality before the New Year so you have a higher likelihood of achieving your goals. What you’re asked to do are what they call the “Five to Thrive”, which are five things you do every day to create healthy long term habits. YES PLEASE! You can see I have a thing with habits, yes? Sign up for the challenge in the link above. It’s life changing! In combination with that, Todoist, and Fabulous, you’re going to be unstoppable!

Well, what are you waiting for? Go get that life you’ve been dreaming of! These three systems will get your ish together stat, guaranteed! Wait, before you go. Leave me a comment telling me YOUR essential daily resource(s). I’d love to hear how you keep tabs on your crazy busy lives.