Eight Tips For Creating Your Save The Dates


First of all, congratulations! If you're reading this, you're either engaged, know someone who's engaged, or are hoping for a ring this Christmas. Either way, I'm glad you're here. Let's talk about announcements! The first time you'll announce the engagement publicly is likely through Facebook. You post the proposal images, the ring shot, and a couple photos of the two of you absolutely beaming. The second announcement will come after you've decided on a date. For some couples, this comes after they've found their dream venue, and for others, it relies entirely on your family's schedules. 

Once your date is set, you need to create your potential guest list first. Even if you're looking at having a smaller wedding, estimate to invite between 10-20 percent more guests, because that's around the number of friends and family who will politely decline the invitation. Now that you have your approximate number of guests, it's time to mail out your second official announcement! But where do you start? Some couples will find a calligrapher or invitation designer to create a full suite so their cards look consistent with the invitations, and others will reach out to local stationary designers or calligraphers for a simple and pretty card to send while they finalize their details. No matter what you decide to do, use these ten tips I have below to make sure you send out Save The Dates with personality, class, and efficiency! 


Stick to two colors maximum! If you haven't decided what your wedding colors will be, stick with neutral or natural colors such as blacks, grays, blues, or metallic hues.


You don't have to be elaborate! Think of this card like a postcard. In fact, a lot of couples will mail these out postcard style. If envelopes sound intimidating this early on, stick to a two sided card and find some cute stamps to go along with your design.


Make sure you include "Invitation to Follow" somewhere on the card to let your potential guests know they don't need to commit to an RSVP just yet.


Contrary to what the above tips may suggest, it doesn't have to be a card. If you're feeling fun and creative, send out cookies, a card with a mini calendar, or even a cute photobooth strip! Make it feel personal! 


Send these cards out six to eight months before the wedding date depending on where your venue is or how far away the majority of your guests list lives from the ceremony site


If you have a website link, definitely include it! Don't make your potential guests work for the information. They will want to check out your registry, hotels nearby, and some fun things to plan. It's going to be a vacation for them too, so help them get excited quickly!


If you have professional photos, use them! Some couples will wait until they have their photographer booked before sending out Save the Dates, and for a good reason! Your potential guests are more likely to put the card on their fridge if it has a cute picture of you and your fiancé.


Be clear about who you're inviting in the Save the Date! Include names whenever possible, even on the envelope. If you don't want your Cousin's best friend to be at the wedding, you can avoid any awkward emails or facebook messages by simply show the invite is for the person you sent the letter to.

I hope these tips helped! If you're planning on using your engagement photos or are looking to have simple calligraphy, don't hesitate to reach out to your professional for help. We're all here to support you! And if you're planning on making dozens of cookies to send off, I'm sure Mom wouldn't mind lending a hand either. Good luck! And congrats again!