Courtney + Kendra: Columbia River Gorge Engagement

Early risers and dog owners are my kind of people, but I knew Courtney and Kendra would be good company even before their engagement session. They are bright, welcoming, and will bring joy and laughter to any situation. After meeting them for coffee for their consultation, I knew to expect this for their photos, but I wasn't sure how much considering we were scheduled to start shooting just after sunrise. 

When they arrived at Government Cove, although tired, they were smiling and ready to take the opportunity to laugh and have fun with each other. They were effortless on camera and made the most of every pose and location we stood by. Towards the end of our session, they brought their adorable golden doodle out to play. He was as fun and playful as the couple themselves. A perfect family in my opinion! The morning light was dreamy, and the time spend on the cove was full of laughter and kisses. What more could I ask for an engagement session?

Our relationship is like a waterfall beautiful to look at but hard to find :) The sound of our relationship is laughter. The foundation of our relationship is trust.
Our first date consisted of meeting up in a bar. Super romantic! We met in a bar downtown that had books and games. I chose this bar because Courtney expressed that she loves to read and I love games. I figured this would be the best of both worlds, just in case she couldn't hold a conversation, we'd have something to do that we both enjoyed and wouldn't have to interact with each other. After 3 drinks, we were hooked. - Kendra
[These days] there's no such thing as a date night with us. We have date mornings. We are both morning people and appreciate breakfast more than a normal person probably should. Date mornings consists of both of us making breakfast then taking our dog on a spontaneous or random adventure. Whether that be hiking, camping or beaching it.
What I love most about Kendra is her stubbornness. She always hold her ground and she is always striving to understand the world. This quality in her is my favorite - Courtney

I love her brain the most. She's a brilliant human being. She challenges me and my ideas. We get in debate around social issues constantly. I have to defend my stance and articulate a cohesive argument which takes a lot of brain power for me but it comes so easily for her. - Kendra
[My favorite part of the engagement session was] that I'm marrying this woman and these pictures are a testament of that :) Also Katie's ability to create a space in which we could be ourselves which abled her to capture how I feel about this woman on a daily basis. - Kendra

My favorite part was waking up to your smiling face and then exploring a new place while smiling and kissing you the whole time. - Courtney
[The thing we're most excited about being married is] going on and being apart of all the adventures with you by my side. The continuation of growing as individuals and as a team with the possibility of adding some little teammates along the way.