Change the way you Tux


Gone are the days of ill-fitted suit rentals...please! It's 2018 and the future is now. Unless you're being measured by someone who has done it before, odds are, you're not getting the accurate measurements you need to rent your suit online. And worse, even if you do measure right, the suit selection online doesn't provide you with a lot of options. And triple worse, even if you do find the right suit, you aren't guaranteed that it's going to be a good fit for everyone on your side of the wedding party. 

But gone are those days, remember? I was introduced to The Black Tux in October 2016 through another photographer. And if I didn't do my research, I probably wouldn't have found out that the suit that he used for his model wasn't tailored. And that actually it arrived to him in a box. 

Using their unique algorithm, The Black Tux will match a perfect suit size with you following a few quick questions. You simply choose your look, add your groomsmen to your list, and track the rental process along the way. Your suit arrives to your doorstep 14 days before your wedding so stress doesn't even enter the game. Sure beats the old rental process, am I right?!

And what's better? They have showrooms all over the states so you can see for yourself the quality of materials AND service they provide. If you're local to Portland, you have to stop in and say hi. The staff is friendly, knowledgable, and focused on giving you a great look for your wedding with a relaxed state of mind. Hey, it is Portland after all! When you check out the showroom, you'll find suits hung around the showroom sorted by style. Ties, pocket squares, and clips are displayed on a large table making it easy to look through all of your options so you can choose the right look for you. And when you have any questions, the staff is on standby to help! Oh, and did I mention they have a great lounge area and complimentary beverages to make the space that much more comfortable? Cause they do. 

I've had nothing but positive experiences from The Black Tux and encourage you to change the way you tux for the better. You can find their Portland showroom at 822 NW 23rd Avenue, and check out their rental process online at