Business Highlight: Wedding Pro Coaching

Lane’ is the reason Women should be in charge of all things business, because not only is she a brilliant business owner, she is creative and daring beyond compare.

When asked to shoot a second lifestyle branding shoot for her business, Wedding Pro Coaching, I wanted to jump up and down shouting yes yes yes! But I know how to compose myself so I just responded “sure let’s do it!” ;)


With a small pinterest board, a box of props, and some rad outfits on hand, we squeezed every photo we could within our five hour window to create as many looks as possible. Talk about efficiency! That’s exactly the way I like to do my branding sessions.


Although it might seem easier to do these shootse once a month, it starts to become overwhelming! You aren’t sure what kind of content you want to create in that short window, so unless you have a plan mapped out it might be difficult to create something fresh every time. The sweet spot for reoccurring branding photos is 2-3 months!


Lane’ came prepared with lots of great ideas. She had a vision for capturing photos that aligned her with her clients: wedding professionals! We had photos to relate to planners, florists, photographers, and (in general) hustling wedding professionals! As a previous wedding professional herself, Lane’ has incredible amounts of knowledge on how to help these business owners take their work to the next level…and them some!


I had such a blast on this shoot and seriously can’t wait to do more of these. I’ve got major heart eyes for lifestyle business sessions and if the future holds more of this, I’ll be more than happy.


If you’re in any sort of entrepreneurial business, go give Lane’ a follow! She has a lot of value to offer, wedding professional or not.