Blue Light Glasses Changed My Life

Like probably most of you here, the first time I heard about “blue light glasses” was on Instagram. My first impression, was dang, those are cuuuute!!! Although that’s usually my reaction when I see anyone with a stylish pair of frames. Then it was mentioned in this post that these glasses were non-prescription used to protect your eyes from harmful blue light that’s emitted from technology, such as our phones or laptops.

Have you ever wondered why your eyes get dry, itchy, and red after a long day in front of the computer? Some of us even suffer from headaches after a long day in the office. When I was a kid, my mom used to say my older brother would get “box eyes” after starring at the television too long. No matter what the discomfort, odds are you’re experiencing this from blue light.

So in comes Felix Gray! I’ve seen a few ads on Facebook and Instagram for glasses that filter blue light, but after seeing the frames offered, customer support, and overall knowledge of their product. After a quick peek at their website, you can see they not only have classic frames, but fun seasonal options as well for those who want to bring their personal style into the look. They are also committed to excellence, and give you a breakdown of why blue light filtering technology is important to them.


Additionally, unlike other brands, Felix Gray offers a variety of different options outside of “prescription” and “non-prescription”. It was a brand I knew I could refer anyone to, no matter their needs. They have glasses designed with an added tint for nighttime wear before bed to help you sleep better. They also carry sunglasses (my next purchase!), and reading glasses for those who don’t need the full power of prescription.

What ultimately led me to try these out where the fact that working on the computer is unavoidable, especially with wedding season approaching. I’ve been known to spend 8-10 hours in front of a screen daily trying to accomplish all of my tasks. Not to mention time I spend on my phone on Instagram, texting, or answering emails. I spend a lot of time in front of screens. So what would it hurt to try these out? If they didn’t work, I could return them. If they did, we’d never leave each other’s side.

And alas, it was love at first sight. There is virtually no tint to the glasses, and when they’re on you can’t tell at all. They are also very comfortable and so so so cute! Of course, they needed to be. I personally picked the Roebling in Sazerac Crystal (a tortoise-ish pattern). I knew as soon as I tried them on, I would never want to take them off. So how do I try them out? I pulled out my laptop and I got back to work (aka scrolling the internet since it was after office hours). No fatigue, no dry eyes. Okay, I thought, maybe I just wasn’t on my computer that long. So I tried them on again the next day and kept them on the whole day.

Nothing. No fatigue. No dry eyes. My eyes were happy! And over a week later, they still are. I really know the difference when I forget to put them on in the morning. After using these consistently, my eyes actually start to get tired only a few minutes after staring at my screen. Seriously! I need them at this point.

I swear by these, guys. They are life changing. If you’re curious about getting your own pair, I HIGHLY recommend Felix Gray. They ship fast, they have an incredible customer support team, and their styles are incomparable.

You can get your own pair, or just browse the website here <>. If you end up ordering, please let me know how you liked them! Tag me on Instagram @katiedessinphoto so I can see your cute frames and see how you use them. I hope you find them as life changing as I did!