What are the Benefits of Having Two Photographers?


Thankfully it's more common now than a few years ago, but having a second photographer at your wedding is of the most important and overlooked pieces of wedding planning. You might have set aside a specific piece of your budget for your photography services, and the photographers you inquire with ask you if you would like to add on a second photographer to your potential package. Unsure of the actual perks, you might reluctantly say yes out of the fear of missing out. But let me tell you, having two photographers at your wedding will be an incredible blessing. You will be safe on coverage, accessibility, and have peace of mind the whole day. Here are the reasons why I always add an additional photographer to all of my packages. 

1 - Coverage

Here is the best part about having two photographers: additional coverage. Now this may not necessarily mean more photos, but it will provide you with more photo opportunities. You will have options on ceremony angles and styles, leaving your wedding album more aesthetically satisfying and ultimately more fun to flip through. In addition, each lens has a different focal length and unique glass that subtly captures moments in a different way from the next. So by optimizing your coverage with two photographers, you will walk away with more angles, composures, and focal lengths all without much extra effort. Not to mention, if anything were to happen to a camera, you know you have a valuable second firing away. 

2 - The Buddy System

Personally, this is the biggest reason I always bring a second photographer to my weddings. I've always believed in the buddy system. No matter where I go, I always feel more comfortable going with a friend. Whether that's to the beach, or to a wedding, there is more ease knowing someone is next to you. I am comforted knowing I can freely move around the venue without feeling like I will miss a moment. If I need to change lenses, or swap batteries, I know my buddy will be able to keep capture the moments as needed. We will also take turns grabbing a snack or taking a break as the day nears end. No matter what, I always know I have someone beside me rooting me on, the same as I am rooting them on. 


3 - Accessibility

When you have a lot of guests or a lot of beautiful things to photograph, one photographer might be concentrated on a certain piece of the wedding day they need to capture for the album. By having two photographers, you open up more possibilities for candid and guest photos. We always like to encourage guests to grab the nearest or most accessible photographer if they have a photo request. This way, you aren't spending the whole night wondering where your photographer went!

4 - Peace of Mind 

Now after reading the above benefits, you might be able to give me the final one on your own. Peace of Mind. You know that your wedding day is covered by the friendliest and most hard working photographers in town, and all you need to worry about is making sure to say hi to your friends and family. Your planner is on the timeline, and your photographers are tag teaming the day to make sure your memories are flawlessly captured. 

I hope this helped bring you some clarity! If you have more questions about your photographer's specific second shooter, make sure to send them an email. Most photographers either work with the same second each wedding, or hire through their circle of favorites. Either way, know you will be covered and your photos will be gorgeously consistent! Lots of Love,