Ask Katie: How Much Film Do You Shoot?

Dear Katie, 

How much film do you shoot in a session? What is your Film to Digital Ratio?

A: This question comes to me pretty often, and I can never quite give a solid answer. And here is why: The light changes. The pace of a shoot changes. There are uncontrollable circumstances that affect how much film I shoot in a given hour. On a perfect day, I can shoot around 5 rolls of film for an hour's session, with a backup of digital images, and deliver around 80-90% film.

On a more difficult day, say the weather is bad, I might choose to shoot only one or two rolls of film. But here's the thing, I have refined my digital to film process, so that if I had to shoot all digital, I am confident I can make it look consistent with the rest of my images. The reason I decided to stay a hybrid photographer, is because I wanted the flexibility and the security, in case the conditions are less than favorable for film. Of course, in the best conditions, I'd always strive to shoot between 80-100% of the images on film. Hope this helps!