A Whole New World Of Opportunity


Last week on Instagram and Facebook, I officially announced the end of my career as a part time employee, and the beginning of my life as a full time hustler. Now let me clarify, I had always considered my photography business to be my full time career, especially with the love and work I put into it. So in technicality, I quit my part time side gig, not the other way around. Are we on the same page? I thought so! It was a scary decision to leave consistency, but the need to elevate the love and service I give in my business, showed me it was the only decision to make. 

So as I approach my second full week of a real entrepreneur's life, I wanted to introduce you to my new home! And I don't mean the place I sleep and watch reality tv, no I mean my home away from home. That's right, my office! When I pictured myself leaving my part time job, I had imagined my work life would solely take place on my couch, or in my home office. In solitude, probably with a lot of La La Land on the radio. 

But the more I thought about this approaching reality, the more concerned I became with the nature of my work. Socializing is a huge part of what it means to be a business owner, let alone photographer! So as I began creating my work schedule on Google Docs, I realized I wouldn't be able to take the time I needed to work on projects while sitting in a coffee shop. And trust me, coffee fuels most of my creativity. 

So as I approached day three in my home office, yes THREE, I began to reconsider my strategy. Sure, up until now working at home as been a breeze. And yes, couch computer life IS as good as it sounds, I knew that the growth I was striving for would only be limited by my surroundings (hello Hulu!).

And that's when I found WeWork. Only a short 10 minute walk from my home, this creative collaborative workspace was calling my name. I tested out the area for a few hours with one of their single day passes (pro-rated for the end of the month) and instantly fell in love. Now I should mention it's hard for me not to fall in love with a space that has bottomless coffee, fruit-infused water, beer & cider on tap, weekly and daily social events, AND human interaction. Needless to say, there was no way I was letting this place slip away from my sights and I signed up the next day to become a member. 

Now I'm not writing this blog to promote them or advertise them in any way other than with my real true honest opinions. And because I'm excited to make this space the new background to my work life. Consultations, meetings, Facebook Live videos, ALL of my day to day life: upgraded. I am so excited to bring you along for the journey that never seems to stop moving onwards and upwards. Here's to growth and opportunity.