A Visual Film & Digital Comparison


I am very vocal about my love for film photography, and a quick scroll through my blog or social media will easily prove that. In the past, I have shown videos of my editing process, shown images of how I adjust my film, and have talked about what gear I shoot with specifically to achieve the look I want. Today, I want to dive even deeper and show you a real comparison of my film and digital images before editing. 

Keep in mind, the film image still goes through post processing, but since I don't have a dark room, nor access to industry standard film scanners, I send my film to be processed at a lab in Utah called The Find Lab. They are trained to handle my film and return it to photographers at deliverable, or near deliverable standards. Meaning, we shouldn't have to do much work to get it to look how we like. At the same time, even though it is receiving attention, I don't personally edit or process the photos, therefore saving me time in the long run. Here are some image comparisons of the same shot, but the left is film, and the right is digital.


So what do you think? Was it what you were expecting? It's quite dramatic, no? When looking at the film image, untouched by any of my editing software, it's easy to see why film has such a profound impact on my photography and style. It's classic, clean, and doesn't require a lot of work on my end, leaving more time for me to focus on other things. I hope this offers more insight to my process and shows you really why I decided to add film to my workflow.