A Valentines Plan For You


Finding something unique to do for Valentine's Day is a struggle for most of us. You either want to do something big, or you want to do something small. Either way, you just want it to be special! This year, take the simple approach and share your love in tiny, but big ways. Chocolates and roses are great, but try one of these cute Valentine's plans if you want to surprise your partner, sister, or best friend in an unexpected way.

1 - Write Your Thoughts on Sticky Notes

There are no limits to this gift. You can write a list of things you love about your person, or write out motivational quotes or sayings and hide them around their room or office. If you live together, you can hide notes in the fridge or put one on their pillow. It's a sweet scavenger hunt that will make you both smile for the rest of the night.

2 - Skip the Roses, Buy Plants Instead

Instead of making a last minute stop to the store for roses, consider buying your person a potted plant they can care for. Every time they look at the plant you gifted them, they will smile and remember your love. Whether you choose and Orchid or a Fern, the care they will want to put into it will reflect the thanks they have for you.

3 - Do the Chore They Hate the Most

This is a gift we would all love to receive. While your person is at work, or whenever you have downtime, do the chore they hate the most. You could fold the laundry, do the dishes, or make a special meal. It's the simple things we do in life that show we care the most. 

4 - Make a Jar of Good Feelings

For a gift that keeps on giving, write notes and good feelings on paper, like the first surprise above, and put them in a jar. There is plenty of room for personality and color for this project and won't take you very long. While they are sitting at work, dreading the rest of their day, they can pull out a note and feel your love close by. We all need a good reminding of the good things we have.

5 - A Few of Their Favorite Things

This will be one of the more personalized gifts you can actually give on Valentine's Day. In a decorated box, add three to four of their favorite things to a bed of tissue paper and candy. It could be their favorite movie on DVD, a book they've been wanting to read, or their go to snack after a long work day. The items don't need to be expensive, they just need to bring a smile to your faces.


There you have it! I hope you feel inspired to celebrate Valentine's Day and carry on these surprises throughout your relationship on any other Thursday. Comment below what your favorite gift was or if you are surprising your person with something special!