Cannon Beach Engagement: Julie + James

What can be more flattering than a couple from out of state reaching out to have their photos taken by YOU while on a mini getaway? Not much comes to mind. When the newly engaged Julie and James had started making plans for their trip to the Oregon Coast, they realized that this special getaway (even if surrounded by work events), needed to be documented. It was their first time visiting the gorgeous Cannon Beach, and quickly they decided they absolutely needed to come back and visit. What's not to love about the salt in the air, the stunning view of Haystack Rock, and the endless stretch of beach. I had to brag, but the Pacific Northwest really has the most incredible beaches. 

Meeting the two for the first time, especially on such an occasion, was a real treat for me and Jem. It was obvious that this kind and silly pair had a deeper understanding of love and friendship than the average couple. How else can I describe them but sweet, passionate, carefree, and warm.

Being in their presence was a gift enough, not to mention they were so much fun to photograph. They have a way of being fully there with each other at all times, without making it seem like they are ignoring or forgetting the outside world. But simply, enjoying it together.