Where does adventure take you?


Photography in and of itself is a time capsule. To every image we, at that specific moment, wish to remember. Whether it's summer vacation, a decorative design on the side of a gas station, or the moments when you can actually see love in someone's eyes.

Yesterday I found myself in the front seat of a moving truck beside my mom. I am lucky to have adopted her adventurous and spontaneous spirit. When she asked me to help her make the drive to her new home, what else could I shout but 'yes of course!'

In between our seats, stuffed next to a box of Triscuits, sunglasses, and some cold brew sits my camera. Loaded with a roll memories in the making. My one of many time capsules. 

My job is beyond making couples laugh or clicking a button. My job is to tell stories. Imperfect, beautiful, messy, wonderful, stories. I will never have any doubt that my passion and my careers perfectly align.