It's my Anniversary!


Today I turn four. And the journey will keep speeding on from here. Business anniversaries seem a little silly for me to celebrate. I'll admit, I even forgot about it last year until it had passed! I begin to question the celebration with something like 'I'll celebrate when I've hit a milestone' or 'I'll celebrate when I've done something big'. Silly, right?

When I failed to remember is that owning this business is an accomplishment in and of itself. Not to mention the overwhelming statistics that say 1/5th of small business owners fail to stay open past their first year, and an alarming 50% fail to even make it to five. So yes, celebrations are in order. 

So here I am, at four strong years. Hungry to reach to five, even ten! Because I love the business that I am in. And I have come to terms that I am allowed to be multi-passionate and good at both. I act, I write, I photograph, I document, I connect, I hustle, I create. It's in my blood, and it's the reason running this business has worked so well for me. 

In four years, I: started a business, went from photographing headshots to photographing weddings, quit my part time job, have been featured on multiple international wedding blogs, spoke at a women's business conference, connected with dozens of amazing and inspiring people, have been mentored by my favorite photographers, worked with the best clients in all of the pacific northwest, and so so much more. 

What will year five contain? I do not know, but I am more than sure it's going to be good. Cheers to another year!

Xoxo, Katie