New Years Goals


It’s practically impossible to talk to anyone leading up to January 1st without talking about New Years Resolutions! It’s a tradition that it seems every participates in. The “resolutions” are usually always the same, person to person. Eat better, workout more, write more, be more creative, go out more, stay in more, etc.

I was listening to my new fave podcast: Rise by Rachel Hollis, and she was chatting with Brendon Burchard, author of High Performance Habits. They were discussing how you can change your habits for the new year, and during the podcast Brendon dropped a major truth bomb. He said that people cannot set resolutions if it means they are “fixing” something, because that negative approach to creating new goals and habits will set you off track from the beginning! The whole episode is wonderful, so you should definitely give it a listen, but this was one of my greatest takeaways.

With that in mind, I challenge you to change your mindset away from New Years Resolutions, and turn them into New Years Goals. Whether they are big picture, or small things you’ve been wanting to achieve, create a list with this idea in mind. Want to categorize it? Make a list for Personal Goals, Business/Career Goals, and Family/Relationship goals. Breaking them down helps me focus even better on what I can be working on daily.

Here are some ideas of goals that you can work towards that are more positive than the resolutions you might have had in your back pocket:

  • Work out 3 times / week to be more energized

  • Meal Plan every Sunday to make lunches and dinners easier through the week

  • Read one book every month to welcome new ideas and perspectives

  • Take a class for something unrelated to my work field

  • Save up $2000 for an adventure abroad

  • Save 20% of every paycheck to pay off your credit card to free you of restraints

You get the idea.

So with that, can you commit to creating some goals this year to bring in positive change instead of welcome thoughts of negativity? If only for fun, write down some big goals you want to accomplish this year. And when we reach December again, pull that list out to see how far you’ve come.

Happy happy new year!