What is my "Supreme" Lens?


When they asked me what my favorite lens is and why, and without hesitation I said the 50mm 1.2. It is the most versatile and supreme of all lenses because of its light weight, small body, and high performability. It's not too wide, it has little to no distortion, and creates a gorgeous bokeh to tie it all together. If you're in the market for a lens that could do it all, I encourage you to start here. Let's be honest, my 50 hardly ever leaves my camera unless it has to. I would even shoot a whole wedding with it if I could only bring one lens! Here are some of my other favorite perks to this gorgeous lens:

It's easy to travel with!

Compared to my next favorite lens (the 70-200mm), this sturdy lens will fit almost anywhere. It's rounded and heavier than it's cousin the 50mm 1.4, but it is a dream to travel with. I will stuff this lens in my Lo & Sons Claremont bag along with my Mark III body and still have some room for my wallet, keys, gum, and extra batteries.

The image is crisp & clean!

This might be the biggest reason to shoot with the 50mm 1.2 lens. When shooting wide open, or at a larger aperture, the image remains sharp, and the bokeh is soft and creamy. This is especially beneficial for me who compares her digital work to her film work. By nature, film bokehs are much softer than digital, so I have to use my resources and lenses to try and replicate the look of film, which the 50mm helps me do.


It resembles what the eye can see!

Maybe this is the biggest reason I love this lens so much. The size and depth of the images taken by the 50mm are similar to how we see in real life. You can pull more emotion from images that feel like you're there, than images that look close and distorted or appear obviously to have been taken at a distance! Images taken on this lens will pull you into the moment or make you understand the closeness and realness of the image all together.

Did I convince you to love this lens as much as I do? I hope so! Seriously, it's a gem. If you want to try this lens out, I highly recommend renting it from your local camera store (ProPhoto if you're here in Portland). Seriously, you won't be disappointed.