Vendor Advice: Choose Your Wedding Date Around Flowers


Last Wednesday I invited Cynthia of Flower Friends to chat with me at Tanner Springs Park about the importance of choosing a bouquet based on the time of year a couple is getting married. To my surprise, Cynthia flipped the idea on its head. She told me that instead of choosing a bouquet based on the time of year you get married, you should choose your wedding date based on the flowers itself.

"I advise that maybe before your wedding date, just think about if your favorite flower is a Peony or a Dahlia or a Lilac, or you really want that wildflower look...think about the season." 

For a few minutes on Facebook Live, Cynthia gave us the rundown of which flowers are in season when, what colors are most accessible in each season, and why it's important to choose your wedding date around floral seasons (hint: the cost is a big factor).

"Pick your wedding date around your flowers, if flowers are really really important to you"

To watch the video, click the screen capture below, and give it a like while you're there if you've learned something new. You can follow Cynthia on Facebook at @FlowerFriends and on Instagram at @YourFlowerFriends to keep up with her latest floral tips and adventures.