Four Essential Things To Do When Wedding Planning

After a few consultations with your prospective vendors, viewing your venue, and one too many trips to the bridal boutiques, you might be ready for a full on Wedding Planning break. No kidding, it's exhausting! But since there's so much still to do, you're finding yourself overwhelmed and helpless as you slowly work your way through that intimidating task list. 

So what do you do? How do other brides tackle this beast, and how come eloping isn't the more popular option? Before moving down your list, make sure you take time to do the following. If you've caught yourself struggling again in the next month or two. Stop, repeat these steps, and then continue to hustle your way to your dream wedding. 

1 - Plan a Date with Your Fiancé

Remember that you are not alone in this wedding planning process! Whether or not your fiancé comes with you to the consultations or has an opinion on the colors of the invitations, the purpose of this event is to celebrate your love for each other. Pull out the calendars and pick a date within the next week that you can get dolled up for a cocktail date or movie night at a dining theater. Reconnect with them and forget you have a wedding to plan.


2 - Have Tea with Your Married Friends

Here is your opportunity to pick their brains about what they loved and didn't love about their wedding day. Who did they hire, who did they wish they hired, and what did their timeline looked like? Always remember that these are suggestions and you don't have to feel obligated to apply their advice if it doesn't feel like you. When you leave, you will have a better understanding of what real brides did during their planning process and maybe they can refer you to their favorite masseuse!


3 - Visit Your Local Art Museum

When seeking inspiration, sometimes Pinterest can lead to a lot of dead ends. Instead of overwhelming yourself with trends and fads, immerse yourself in a new creative environment. It could be at the art museum, an independent film, or a comedy club. No matter where you find it, cherish the feeling it gives you. Try your best to keep Pinterest closed until you have a very clear vision of how you want your wedding to look. Recreating someone else's wedding, or using someone else's ideas will quickly stunt your inspiration and cause you to create a wedding for someone other than you.

4 - Buy a Diary

One of the most therapeutic activities is writing down your feelings. It's proven to relieve stress and can be a fun set of memories to look back on in five years. Although diaries are very 1990s, you will be surprised by how it can clear your head. If you're looking for answers, write your questions down and answer them later. If you're seeking guidance on a particular topic, walk yourself through the problem until it's solved. I recommend picking up a pocket sized notebook, like Field Notes, in case you want to take notes on a particular color or dress you found on your lunch break.



Go cake tasting! Nothing makes us happier than sweets, and if you've ever had wedding cake before, you know there is nothing tastier! Plan a consultation with your favorite local baker and taste their recommended cake options with your fiancé. This treat will lift your moods, and you will have a lot to look forward to after the vows.