Advice from Jim + Pam, Remember the Invisible Photo Album Too

Possibly the most famous television couple in today's pop culture are The Office love birds Jim Halpert and Pam Beasley. Their goofy and compassionate love was memorable, laughable, and still meaningful through out their whole love journey. They capture their audience through their relatable tales and honest advice and remain to be an icon to best friends everywhere. But their most important piece of advice had to do with their wedding day. What was set up for disaster, their perfect wedding day still makes all of us cry today. Jim and Pam remind us that no matter what happened, and no matter who was there, they remembered to take photos for themselves for their everlasting mental scrapbook. Here are some reasons why taking pictures in your head will be a crucial part of having the perfect wedding.

1 - Slow Down, Be Present

I can guarantee your wedding day will feel like cloud nine. Every minute planning was worth that and more. You cannot believe how fast this day came, and in moments, you will get to be the very lucky bride to say "I Do"! You head will be buzzing, and your heart will feel full. You eat, you party, and you celebrate. By the end you don't know how it flew by so fast and you wish you could hang on just a little bit longer. 

By being present and remembering to take mental images of the world around you and the feeling inside, your day will naturally move slower. You will take the time to appreciate every little detail and every little moment as it comes. Every minute is as precious as the next, so don't forget to capture it. 

2 - Remember This Day is For You!

As you are taking mental images, you will begin to notice the special details that made your wedding that much more personal. From the guest list, to the flowers, you've put the time into planning a perfect day that reflect who you are as a couple. Before it's too late, take a minute to remember how personal this day is for you, and snap some mental pictures of your favorite parts.

3 - This Scrapbook Lasts Forever

Your scrapbook of memories can go everywhere with you. On every vacation, on any move, your mental scrapbook will continue to get bigger without the weight or the worry. It will be filled with joy, growth, and accomplishment. And when your children go to pull out your real wedding album, or collection of images for your biggest moments, you will have the joy of remembering exactly how you felt as if it was yesterday.