Top Five Things That Inspire Me During Winter


With Winter teasing of it's quick approach, it's sometimes hard to focus on long term goals and staying inspired. Naps just sound so much better! But in order to stay positive and inspired, I've created a top five list of things that motivate me when my power naps turn into three-hour naps! It's kind of a silly list, but it really does help! When my mind focuses on things it loves, I instantly relax, making my little projects a lot easier to do!  

1. Working in cozy coffee shops
2. Playing jazzy vinyl records when it's raining
3. A new bouquet from the flower shop
4. A clean house!!!
5. Newly painted nails

If you can relate to any of these, either leave a comment below or share a cute winter emoji with me on instagram @katiedessinphoto. If we haven't connected yet, this is the season to do it!