2017, Bring It!

After a few weeks of thought, I've finally found my word for 2017. Okay, well, words. They are: Minimal, Creative, and Intentional. Reflecting on the last year, I found myself focused on a lot of the wrong things. On materials and purchases. On false investments. On the internet universe. On unstructured plans. Basically a life away from the present.

So here it is. This is my commitment. It's my written and verbal promise of removing myself from a life in the clouds. Although it sounds nice, I think it's nicer to watch them pass by. I will be reducing my posting frequency on my blog and here on Instagram to focus on my business. My commitment to living minimally. My commitment to being intentional with my investments and my photographs. My commitment to diving head first in a new creative trait. I will be a business athlete; cross training myself to better my performance. My phone will no longer sit at my bedside, and I will no longer stand on the sidelines. I hope you join me on this journey, and I hope your missions are much the same.