Plan Your Best Day

In order to create a better on camera experience for yourself, you must first make the commitment to freeing up your day of work and chores. Nothing will bum you out on camera more than thinking about the hours you just spent in the office or cleaning the home. If your session is in the morning, it will benefit you greatly to plan a day of enjoyable activities to look forward to at the end of your session. 

Once you’ve opened up your calendar, you must close it with activities and plans that you will look forward to. If you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, trick your brain into thinking about the things it does love! 

Start off by planning to sleep in. Sleep makes you look GREAT on camera. Next, breakfast. Please indulge! It doesn’t have to be Sunday to have brunch. Did you get coffee? Caffeine makes you feel good. Spend the rest of the afternoon doing what you love? Walk through the park? Happy Hour? Window Shopping? 

After the sunsets, and your tummy is rumbling, stop by your favorite restaurant. If your session was with your fiancé, you can call this a successful date night. 

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