Top Fall Engagement Session Locations


It's finally October in five days! Although we already celebrated the beginning of fall, October always feels like the official start of the season. Who's with me? Last week I gave away a free fall engagement session to take place at Powell Butte. For those who have been following me a long time or are familiar with my work, I love Powell Butte and feel like it's the perfect backdrop for fall photos! But it got me thinking about my other favorite spots, and although I've shared these with you in the past, I'd love to share why these locations are specifically perfect for FALL!

  1. Columbia River Gorge: Especially after the horrible fire last month, I feel obligated to put this as my number one, even though it usually always is! The gorge is a gold mine for fall photo settings. Rowena Crest, Government Cove, and Vista House are some of my personal favorites. Each spot at the Gorge is as unique as the last, and as unique as each couple. What's spectacular about the Gorge in the fall, is how quiet it seems to get. When you look down the river, you can see the clouds folding in, the wind flowing through the trees, and if you're high enough, rain off in the distance. It's the perfect backdrop for adventurous couples who naturally spend their days outdoors no matter the weather conditions.

  2. Sauvies Island: Sauvies Island is home to a variety of locations for you to pick and choose from. The benefit of the Island is that you are able to curate a number of different looks without having to drive too far. You have tree farms, pumpkin patches, hidden parks, greenhouses, and serene lookouts you almost have to stumble upon to find. Pack the rainboots and a cozy sweater and you have the perfect location for the couple who loves their city.

  3. Industrial Northwest: Keep it simple in case of rain, and just shoot in the city! Get those coffee mugs out, bring along the umbrella, and let's plan an elegant and rainy afternoon.

  4. Cannon Beach: The beach will always be the most romantic option. Cozy up with blankets, scarves, wool socks, and of course, each other. Whether downtown Cannon Beach or on the water's edge, this classic option is always a winner if you're having a hard time deciding.

There you have it! These are my recommendations for your fall engagement session. To be honest, these spots stay on my favorites list year round, but the reason they are so golden, is because they work even in the rain.