Nick + Natalie: Forest Park Engagement

Nick and Natalie love like they will never age. They share coordinates on their wrists, and a promise on their fingers. Adventure is in their hearts, whether that means travel or new restaurants, they eagerly commit together. During their session, we explored. We laughed. We danced a little bit. And we ran. Every moment was good.

North Portland is a gem of its own, but it is that much more special to these two. They sparked over textbooks, and bashfully crossed friendship. Time intersected again when he asked, and she said yes. Through space, their love sits there. Below the trees and through the city. 

We took a chance at the witch's castle, none of us having ever visited, and were greeted by moss and shadows. There were windows to play in, and rocks to climb on. The path was a short hike in, and a short hike out, allowing us time to catch the sunset on the St. John's bridge.

The light bounced off the green beams and traveled up and around the wires. The sunset was crisp, golden, and perfect. Nick and Natalie did their best to pay attention to each other as the sky performed.

Underneath the cathedral, they silently rehearsed their I do's. In between giggles and after each kiss. They walked hand in hand, committing to adventure. No matter how small, they would do it together. With their pups by their side, the coordinates on their wrists, and a promise on their finger.