This city, the place that I call home. A month from now I will be celebrating three years of panic, growth, and spontaneity. As my anniversary nears, I took to the streets to re-explore.

I chose Portland out of gut instinct. Some people told me yes, some told me no. One person said she'd go with me. In under 50 days, I went from deciding to move, to signing my lease. Having never visited before, and knowing nothing about the city, I put all my trust into possibilities.

I worked a few retail jobs, worked at a live theatre, moved back to Alaska for a few months, and found myself asking for more creativity. My cameras and heart both collecting dust. I started my business in April of 2014, starting with headshots and landscapes. With the love and trust from this city I kept growing. To portraits, to engagements, to weddings, to boudoir, and things still keep moving.

Although our city keeps growing, maybe too fast for it's own good, I cannot help but respect those who made the same decision I did. We are all looking for a temporary home, a place to foster love and friendship and creativity. Portland held it for me, and so many others. Maybe in 10 years, I won't find it here anymore. My passion will move, and as will I. But for now, I will continue to cherish this city, the place I call home.