Growing Up & Trying Things

It's Saturday, and today I shoot a wedding that marks my halfway point in the season. Today is my fifth full coverage wedding, with some little love in between, and I wanted to take a moment to tell you what my heart has been telling me.

It's been a wild few weeks since the fire in my apartment building. I am moving. I am hustling. I am saving for a wild investment. I am planning for a beautiful vacation. I am working hours I didn't know I could work. It has taken me time to adjust. I guess this is growing up and trying things.

Yesterday I bought towels for my new apartment. Today I am shooting a wedding milestone. Tomorrow I move. Monday I take more photos. And Tuesday I'm back at my desk. Can you tell I'm moving in more ways than one?

On Thursday I officially started my position as the Portland Representative for national wedding blog Baubles & Bowties. What this means is I get to not only connect with amazing couples, but also amazing vendors. I'm a relationship kinda gal and like making friends. I get to write blogs and take names while I'm at it. Portland is so rich in talent, so getting to showcase it is incredibly humbling. 

Here is another milestone, of many in my career, that I am holding near and dear to my heart. As I am reflecting on the first half of my season, I am thrilled for what lies ahead. Later this month I will be shooting my first branding session. I will be shooting a session in all film. I will be working with new vendors in new areas. And I will be booking my plane tickets to attend a wedding as a guest. 

In September I will be trying to take it slow, but breaking my promise as I usually do. I expect more film, more photos, and more wine.

In October, in addition to shooting three weddings, I will be attending a workshop with one of the top wedding film photographers in the world. I predict growth and lots of coffee.

In November I will be shooting my first Off Season wedding, and in December I will be vacationing in Maui.

It feels strange to sum up such a large half of the year in a short number of characters, but maybe it's for the sake of my sanity. I look forward to sharing each step with you. From the move, to the weddings, from the stress, to the bliss. You are by my side, so I know I am better for it. Here is to life. Here is to growing up, and trying things.