Shanez + Luke: Laurelhurst Engagement

This was a session I couldn't believe, and still continue to absorb to the fullest. Shanez and Luke are quiet, giggly, and incredibly kind. They share the same appreciation for films, classic and contemporary, and make it their mission to see one once a week.  It's no lie that the Laurelhurst Theatre is on everyone's list of favorite movie spots, so getting to do an engagement session there was an absolute dream!

It was a Monday morning, coffee hadn't kicked in yet, but the eagerness was in full effect. We started outside, movie shirts on and marquee lit. Aliens and Cool Running display under 'Now Showing'. The cars passing by might have wondered about the quick calendar change, but these titles are Shanez and Luke's favorite films. What better way to start than with jeans and a t-shirt? These are my people!

We were all silent at first, almost in disbelief. Sure, we've all seen those movie theatre engagement shoots before, but Laurelhurst let us have the whole place to ourselves. So we took the opportunity to direct our own still movie. Popcorn included!

Oh yes, and when that popcorn came, so did the silliness. This is them. Shanez and Luke, the movie loving, popcorn stuffing, goofy face making, dog owning, best friends. The popcorn fight was followed by a personal slideshow, made up of dog photos and movie captures, in one of the theatre spaces. Only two tickets for this showing!

As the session neared its end, we walked back outside for another surprise: the east facing marquee. It read - Coming Soon, Mr & Mrs Studebaker, November 5th 2016. That was enough to make me all sorts of emotional! And it was another courtesy of the theatre, which very obviously made two people incredibly happy.

They will be getting married on the slowest day at Disneyland. Their anniversaries will be filled with movie rides, Mickey Mouse, and probably more popcorn fights. I'm thankful to have such creative, fun, and challenging clients who make things like this happen.