Write Down Your Wedding Goals

Here's some of my best advice for wedding planning: write your goals down. From creating your invite list, to your wedding day expectations, writing the information down is incredibly helpful for you and your vendors! 

I've created a free fill-in-the-blank pdf for you to get a jumpstart on the planning process! Print it off and scribble down your ideas, goals, and favorite wedding planners. It won't take long to fill out, and you will have a better understanding of how to streamline your planning process!

After you've finished this PDF, show it to your photographer, planner, and other vendors so they can understand your vision! Remember to always trust your team. Those you've hired to be a part of your wedding day are thankful for the moments they share with you and are eager to go above your expectations! Always communicate and be open with your vendors on your goals and expectations. Never hesitate to ask questions or seek advice along the way! We are sort of experts ;) 

All my love,