Jessica & Mike: Eugene Riverside Wedding

Past Eugene, and through the trees, is a little riverside venue with a lot of heart. The greens are overwhelmingly beautiful, and the sound of the water flowing puts everyone at ease. Jessica and Mike get ready in separate cabins, both nervous and giddy, and their friends work hard to organize the space. The chairs are set, the flowers are ready, and the sun is breaking through the clouds. It's a perfect Saturday.

As you walk down the isle, and turn your head left and right, you are there with them in their story. There are little signs picketed along the isle, with pictures and milestones from their relationship. Their flights together, their dates together, and even a photo of the proposal. 

The first look was quick, but always feels so slow. She asked me how it works and what she's supposed to do. I remind her that it's her moment, and do what feels right. She taps his shoulder, he waits a moment, and turns around beaming. 

That is nothing compared to her walk down the isle. Jessica takes a deep breath, holds tight to her bouquet, and proceeds down her timeline.

During the ceremony, a special friend of theirs from Gambia was asked to read his blessing. Because Jessica and Mike had met in Gambia, they felt connected to the culture and its people. It was the perfect touch.

And of course they cried. From the rings, to the first kiss, to walking backwards in time. 

But nothing adds to happiness like ice cream...

For their first dance, Jessica had asked her guests to blow bubbles. If magic is real, it was there that night. The guests grin ear to ear, and the couple giggles to themselves. This is their marriage. These are their first memories together. Their timeline starts over with a new beginning. There's no better way than to start with bubbles.


Film shot on Portra 400
Digital edited with Mastin Labs