Vendor Feature: YOU!

On a long list of exciting projects, there is one in particular I've been nervous to start. This project isn't about me or my business, but the growth of others. Now, if you've been reading for a few months, you're familiar with my biweekly Vendor Features, where I introduce you to my favorite wedding vendors in the Portland, Oregon area. It was because of this segment that I was approached to do this on a larger scale for a larger business.

You are looking at National Wedding Blog, Baubles & Bowties, Portland, Oregon Representative. My list of duties can be narrowed down to one simple idea: Connect with vendors, and give them love. So essentially the most ideal job for Katie Dessin Photography ;) 

The reason I said yes, besides the obvious, was because of Bauble's mission. To stop the cold calls, to stop the email blasts, and to just connect real, hardworking wedding professionals and give them a platform to be seen and appreciated. Bauble's is working on spreading this love across the nation, with each big city having its own representative. We representatives will support you, grab coffee with you, host parties, and plan photoshoots for the better of your growth. The wedding industry should not be cutthroat. Community over Competition exists, and it's important to us. 

If you are a wedding vendor in the Portland area, or any surrounding city (lookin' at you Eugene, Seattle, Hood River!), I want to get to know you. I want to provide a foundation for growth, and love, and support. I will visit you, and call you, and comment on your Instagram photos! Oh yeah, and of course write blog posts about you. This is not a buy-in, this is not a exclusive club. This is me, giving you my word, that I truly believe in this company, and I want you to believe in it too. 

I want you to connect with me. I want you to feel comfortable asking questions and seeking advice. I want you to feel confident featuring your work online, and I want people to see how incredible you are. If you're interested in becoming a preferred vendor for Baubles & Bowties, use the form below and I will send you the Media Kit and we can talk it out over coffee (wine's good too!). 

Sincerely, with all my love, 

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