I'm Adjusting

I'm adjusting. I took a week off (not on purpose) from blogging and editing to adjust. To this move, to this neighborhood, and to this new step in my life. I'll be honest, it's tiring. I keep myself up at night, reminding myself of tasks that need to be done, and chores I have to remember, and my weekly goals. Yes, self, I remember. I have had this talent of involuntarily staying up through the night to remember my hopes and fears. Usually, though, the fears. I wake up every two hours to my subconscious standing over me waiting to remind me of one more thing. Yes, self, I remember. 

My brain and computer are mirrors. A million tabs open. All different topics. Home design, business articles, a calendar, my email, my blog, pinterest, a new recipe I want to try. Adjusting is tough. To anything! But like everything in life, we have to muscle through the bad to get to the good. 

Tonight I will try harder. I will close the tabs on my computer, and close the tabs in my brain. I will drink tea. I will sleep. I will adjust. I am thankful to share my journey with you. I am thankful for your encouragement along the way. If you can do it, so can I. We will adjust.