Wedding Planning & Relaxing

July was one heck of a month. Busy, tiring, fun, busy. To get me through the month, I've been doing my best to put on the relax face. Saying, yes, I can get through this! So some of you are on the last months of your wedding planning and are in need of some leisure and tranquility. Here is my recommendation to get you started on a better week: Urban Oreganics. 

Urban Oreganics is a local Portland, Oregon skincare and wellness brand that I've been using to get through my bad days. I use the Rose Makeup Remover and the Refresh Green Tea face mask. Her mask is in powder form to prevent molding (no preservatives), and is fun to put together. Just add a little water and powder to a dish, then apply! Rince, Refresh, Repeat. 

On Instagram today, Emily & I are hosting a giveaway for a $25 certificate to her store. I really encourage you to check her stuff out and get to window shopping! Giveaway ends on August 4th at 11:59pm. Winner announced August 5th on Instagram. My Urban Oreganics collection is slowly growing, I hope you enjoy her stuff as much as I do!