Casey & Jeff: Cannon Beach Engagement

These moments are precious. Time is precious. The trees, the skies, the air, the sea. Every moment is a good moment, especially with each other. And Casey and Jeff are okay making their own moments. 

It was Casey's first time dipping her toes into the Oregon Coast, and her first time jumping, spinning, and splashing. Jeff held her hand. Together they made silly memories. 

Barefoot, sand in their toes. Tight hugs are safe and warm. Kisses are soft and sweet. This is their love. Barefoot, sand in their toes. Their love is safe and warm. Their love is soft and sweet. 

When you fall in love, their world is your world. Casey and Jeff are one world. A teacher, an engineer. Their world is travel. Europe to Asia. Their world is new. Their world is each other. 

I'm incredibly honored and excited to join this amazing couple on their wedding day in August. No memory will be this exciting, but the memories that follow will be as important as the last. Their first jumps, the first spins, the first splashes. Together.