Waiting Impatiently

Here I am, practically tapping my foot. Is it Christmas yet?! No, I’m not waiting for the Holiday, I’m waiting for the feeling! I keep refreshing my email. Photos? Photos? Photos? Yes, I know you can relate. 

I am a proud Film Photographer. I love shooting film, and nothing keeps me as accountable for beautiful photos as film does. There are practically no downsides! The quality is amazing. It’s timeless. It’s fun! It’s special. It’s creative. Oh, but there are downsides. And I’m experiencing the downside right this moment. I have to wait to see the photos! Not including the time it takes for the film to arrive in the lab, which is in California by the way, the film takes two weeks to reach my inbox.

I know what you’re thinking. Why the heck would you mail your film to California for it to be developed in two weeks? Have you even heard of Walgreens?! Girl, I’ve been there. But the truth is, quality comes with a wait time, and the wait time happens to be at one of the best labs in the nation. Echoing in my brain is the old man from who fixes Woody in Toy Story 2 “You can’t rush art.” And boy is developing and scanning film an art form. Seriously, I didn’t know until this year that there were different kinds of film scanners that give your film different colors and undertones. It’s also up to the person behind the scanner to achieve the consistent look, not necessarily the developer. Who would have though that a scanner could have that much responsibility! It’s not just a click, scan, send process.

In becoming a film photographer, I had to educate myself on the film developing and scanning process. In educating myself in the process, I began to understand the reason the wait times are so long. Not to mention I’m not the only photographer paying for this service at the same time! If you’re sitting at your laptop tapping your foot and refreshing your emails, double check with your photographer what their wait time is. If you’re curious why it takes so long, all you have to do is ask! We are here to educate you and help you understand the insane processes we have to go through. It’s not just click, save, send.