My Pre-Wedding Rituals

It's a fact, weddings will drain your energy. There is no better nights sleep than the evening of the wedding. We danced, we sang, we ran circles around the venue. The first thing I do when I walk home is collapse on my ultra comfy bed (was it always this comfortable) and smile. 

The day before the wedding is when the rituals start. I usually am picking up last minute items, double checking my gear, making sure my snacks are packed, etc. Sometime after 5pm, I stop working. Unless it's an emergency, I make sure all my business is dealt with and my attention can be directed to my couple. After I've set out my outfit, my gear, and my backups, I print off my Day Of Materials. The final timeline draft, my couple's preferred shots, and their Family Timeline. Two copies, one for me, one for my second photog. I go through my checklist to make sure my batteries are charged, my lenses are clean, my gear is all accounted for, then I relax. I put on a good movie or my favorite TV show, usually a comedy, and enjoy the night. I make a full dinner, dessert included, and relax. Sometimes I'll paint my toes if the color needs changing. Then it's an early bedtime, 10 at the latest, a restful sleep is necessary!

The morning of the wedding sets the tone for my day. I stay in bed a little longer, my shower isn't rushed, my breakfast is full and my candles are burning. I like lavender candles the best, but you can almost never go wrong with citrus! I then pack my gear and snacks into the car, going through my checklist one last time. The Day Of Materials are printed and put into each photographer's camera bag, and all safely stowed away until I'm ready to leave. About an hour before departure, I like to sit down for coffee and clear my head. There's something so great about enjoying a cup of coffee at a shop without having to rush or do work. Just sitting there, enjoying. That extra cup of caffeine does wonders. 

Then it's game time. I couldn't be more excited! It's another wedding day, another day of love, celebration, and photos!

If you're in the wedding business, what are your rituals? Brides, Grooms, are you planning a slow and easy morning?